Friday, December 19, 2008

How many days..........until MY birthday?

Michael and Zion have exactly a month between their birthdays. Michael’s is July 7th, and Zion’s is August 7th. So around the middle of June, Michael starting counting down the days on his calendar. It was a morning breakfast announcement before school each day.

It was only a few mornings until Zion started asking,

“How many days until MY birthday?”

“I don’t know buddy, about 50 I guess” I replied.

And then the questions continued each day. Zion was quick to tell anyone that made eye contact (at Wal-Mart, the commissary or church)…

…“I am 4 ½, it’s ____ days until my birthday! Then I am going to be 5!”

Most people at least smiled and a few would comment on what a big boy he was getting to be. He, of course, was thrilled. To add to the excitement, we went to SeaWorld and he hit the 42 inch mark by the top hair on his head. He glowed and he rode the “BIG BOY RIDES” which included Journey to Atlantis and Shipwreck Rapids.

The bad news is, mom wasn't having such an easy time with her baby boy's transition from pre-schooler to BIG BOY. It made my heart hurt. I didn't have ANY babies. What happened? How did the time pass so quickly?

So on the last night that he was 4, I took this picture. I wanted to remember what he looked like, in the hours before he was 5. Thinking that eventually, having a 5 year old would sink it, and I wouldn't be quite so sad.

He was so happy that TOMORROW he would be 5.

The next morning when I woke him up. I said, "Good morning! Today you are 5!"

He popped out of bed quickly with a questioning look, "Mommy, how many days until I'm 6?"

(photo taken 8-6-2006)

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