Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zion's first swim meet

Zion swam in a short course swim meet today.

That means, the lanes run the "short" side of the pool (25 meters)  instead of the long side.
(* the long side is 50 meters, and of course, called a long course meet)

He got a crash course from Coach Lewis on jumping in off the side of the pool.
(*something they don't practice during the week)

He did the 25 free style.

And the 25 backstroke.

There is an audiable gasp on the video when he got to the wall on the backstroke,
but that was the timers voice, not mine......

I had several conversations with Zion about getting DQ'd (disqualified) on the backstroke for flipping over on his belly to touch the wall.  He does it at practice often because he doesn't want to hit his head on the wall.

I guess in the meet he didn't care.......cause he hit the wall, with his head!

When he got out of the pool I asked him if he was okay,
but instead of answering me, he said, "Was I first??"

(a little competitive)  

I am so proud of you Zy, and I love you to the moon!

A couple videos of the Gillam girls too.  Sam is on the Tsunami Swim Club board, so she is always so busy working and timing and ...........gosh, I don't really know what all it takes to put on a swim meet, I just know she is busy.  So here are the girls.  

Maddy's finish in the 100 free (I think)


These ladies are pro swimmers, but I am proud of them too! 
They just jump in the water and fly through it like they are fish!

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