Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Academic Fair

I get the idea of a Science Fair,
not really sure if an Academic Fair is just a more generic display of school work.
Never heard of one before...........
It was on Wednesday night,
the same night as AWANA,
so I just popped into the cafeteria during the school day to see if the boys had submitted anything.

I only found things for Zion.
So, here are photos of his entries.

This mask was attached the poem below

Zion's Many Colored Days
by Zion Thornton

On bright brown days how good it feels
to be a monkey and jump from tree to tree.

On other days I'm other things.

On evil red days I slash my claws.

Some days of course, I feel sort of blue.
Then I feel sad and down.

Then come my black days.
I feel like kicking and slamming the door.
I growl.
I stab at every cloud.

But it all turns out all right you see
and I go back to being me

This is a book that Zion wrote and illustrated. 
The school had them published and it will remain in the school library.

Good job Zy!~

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